Royalty Free Photo has relocated its home and studio to the historic Iowa train town of Boone, Iowa - named after it's explorer Nathan Boone, Son of the legendary Daniel Boone.

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A 30+ year passion for photography


A Passion For Photography

For more than thirty years, I've had a literal passion to pursue photography. In graduate school a senior professor was conducting a study in which they asked participants what they would like to have written on their tombstone (I know, psychologists are weird). However, the answer that I gave was "Gerald Rowles, Photographer and Psychologist." Notice what spontaneously came in second place.

Well, after many years I left the practice of psychology, and am now a recovering PhD psychologist and a practicing PHG - PHotoGrapher. Nevertheless, my training has served me well in learning to observe the world more closely. And I have come to understand that the task for the professional photographer is this; To attempt to achieve synchronicity between truth and beauty. To the extent the effort is successful, desirability is the result.

I hope you find my efforts successful.

Gerald Rowles

Early Work in Black & White [with some revisions]